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Rise Up Wilmington : A Short Film by Chuck Purnell

In the last day or so, you may have carelessly scrolled through your Facebook feed filled with commentary from your friends, loved ones and strangers about any given event happening both near and far from where you stood at that moment. In the midst of the statuses and selfies, a different type of post has caught the attention of thousands of Wilmingtonians.  Residents across the city has been captured by an aerial film of Wilmington, Delaware almost completely shot with a drone by local videographer, Chuck Purnell.

When asked of his inspiration behind the short production, Purnell mentions,

“The latest senseless act of violence where a 16 year old girl who was an honor student, was badly beaten inside her high school and later died of her injuries at the hospital gave me the inspiration to shoot this short aerial film. With all the negativity with shootings and murders in the city, I wanted to show Wilmington in a positive light.” 

The visual accompanied with the vocals of the new and vocally stunning, Andra Day. The song, Rise Up, is a reminder and inspiration to us all to be filled with the hope that we can rise up. In spite of pain, tragedy and mourning we can rise up in resilience, hope and the coming of better, beautiful days.

Chuck Purnell is an award winning videographer with over 15 years of experience working in broadcast television and video production. Whether its a video production or a photo shoot, creating a unique look for you, your product, or your event, excellence is his number one goal with Cre8tive Minds Entertainment, LLC.