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Cityfest produces/co-produces activities designed to promote economic development and community revitalization while improving quality of life through arts programming, special events, and tourism.

Activities strive to foster an appreciation for Wilmington’s diverse culture, history, and heritage; eliminate prejudice and discrimination through education of the public; combat community deterioration; promote the beautification and revitalization of Wilmington; and lessen neighborhood tension.

Since 1986

Cityfest, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization affiliated with the City of Wilmington, Delaware. For over forty years, Cityfest has been dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of both residents and visitors through the development of arts program, cultural tourism initiatives, and special events.

Cultural Affairs

Cityfest’s Performing Arts Series offers low- or no-cost multi-disciplinary year-round live performances. Using community partners’ indoor venues and revitalized urban green spaces (Urban Artist Exchange and Clifford Brown Listening Garden), the series aims to unite communities, promote local pride, activate underused public spaces, and foster more equitable, healthy, and thriving communities.

CityFest, Inc.

As a result of Cityfest’s efforts, the organization has become a vital part of the Wilmington community. Cityfest co-founded the Wilmington Children’s Chorus and Theatre N at Nemours. Cityfest coordinates the Art Loop, Wilmington’s July 4th Celebration, Clifford Brown Year-Round, Redding Art Gallery, and The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. Its most significant project, the Urban Artist Exchange, is Wilmington’s first major Creative Placemaking initiative.